We believe accessibility is crucial, and wellness should NOT come at the cost of your livelihood. Why have barriers to other barriers. Specialize in long term counseling. Your job might offer free services but they are only short term. Its impossible to solve problems in a limited time span, and maintenance isn’t necessarily stabilized. Extended…Read more »

Problem solving

  As a practitioner I believe there is always a million ways to solve a problem. Cliche right? So when you come into a session we want to know what problem solving means to you. That way when we work through your guided journey we can implement safe guards for YOUR emotional well-being. Having to…Read more »

Resilience is the flashlight

  Sometimes our flashlight can get dim. We can help you sharpen the brightness. It is so crucial to recognize, that when it comes to dealing with issues it can be a dark and scary moment. We feel uncertain, vulnerable, and lonesome. The foundation of all our programs focuses on strength base resilience building. Resilience…Read more »

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time frame Live this. Breathe this, and there is nothing you can’t achieve. And what better way to journey through wellness…is with a team of skilled, registered, and well rounded cheerleaders.